Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby shower!

Our wonderful moms threw us a baby shower up in San Jose at the end of April and to say it was a success is an understatement. We had so many family members and friends come out to the Parola's ranch for the party and we were overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone. Needless to say, it's a good thing we drove Jeff's truck up because we barely had room for all the gifts and our luggage on the way back! Pictures! (sorry, there are a ton)

Bump! I was 30 weeks on the dot at the shower and thank god Karen gave me like 8 bags of her maternity clothes before the trip because I'm not sure I had anything shower-appropriate otherwise (my mom said I couldn't wear my jeggings). This was the day after the Royal Wedding too so I was inspired to wear something big and poufy in my hair and dragged my mom around the mall looking for a fascinator. This fabric flower gave the effect I was after.

My mom, Jeff's Grammie (her name is Ida which will be our baby's middle name!), and Jeff's mom Sue.

They all did so much to make this party perfect. My awesome sister-in-law did the flower arrangements (and a special corsage for me!), and my mom and Sue stuck baby photos of Jeff and me in the flower pots which is what I'm looking at. There were a bunch of Jeff that I'd never see before, he was a damn cute baby! 

Me and pops, the photographer for almost all the pictures.

Richard is a fan of taxidermy. I am not. Those were his decorations, not mine. 

I was so excited all my friends came out! Kate, Jen, and Patrick came down from SF, Max from San Mateo, but Mandy and Seth get the award for furthest travelled since they drove up from Long Beach. Awesome!

Don't slap the belly!

It was such a beautiful day, and the Parola's ranch is such a gorgeous setting for any party.

Sue went a little crazy with the party food (this cake is bigger than me, and we had vats of pasta!), but you can't blame her, it's the Italian in her.

And check out our haul! This is only half of it too. Everyone was so generous and hooked us up! I was saying that I could be having sextuplets and still be totally equipped. Minus the cloth diapers though. Those weren't such a popular gift, but we got a few! I'm having so much fun going through everything and organizing it, and now that the nursery and dressers are painted (that's the next post), I can start putting things away. Exciting!

These are a few of the cutie-batooty gifts we got. Monica bought the baby designer shoes! In that same thread, my mom crocheted the baby a pair of "Louboutin's" with the classic red sole. So fancy!

She also crocheted these glittery ruby red slippers...

And our favorite: YETI FEET!!! She is so crazy clever. They have little blue claw toes and "fur" and everything! Jeff is going to try to convince her to crochet a pair in every size because the day she grows out of these, he might cry.

And Max got us these awesome baby Converse sneakers! I love that he got them in red too. They're going to look so cute with all the navy gingham dresses and rompers I'm buying her! 

I was so amazed by the sewing and knitting talent in our little circle. We got the cutest handmade blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and clothes! I love handmade stuff.

Huge thanks again to our moms for throwing us the shower, the Parola's for the stunning venue, and everyone that came out and celebrated with us! This baby is so very loved. 

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Henry Miller said...

Jeeez! You're set! We got some serious shower competition! Way to go Mom's!