Friday, May 20, 2011

Roman blind

We frosted the baby's window (which looks out onto the neighbor's driveway- not the best view) and I sewed a curtain to dress it up a bit and to provide some nap time light blocking functionality. I upped my game a bit and tackled my very first Roman shade, following the ever helpful instructions over here at ReadyMade. I used my favorite IKEA fabric (no longer being made sadly), which is a nice and heavyweight cotton canvas with a graphic bunting print, and not too cutesy which is good considering all the cute this nursery is going to contain in a few months.

Ignore that curtain cord that is right around baby-hanging hazard height. It has since been altered. I repurposed our storage ottoman that was in the living room doing nothing for toy storage here. Plus it makes for a nice little cushiony space to sit and read a book from her library. I draped an IKEA rug over the top of it because I like the colors and the ottoman was covered in cat hair, but I might get fancy and do a dip-dye ombre effect on the slipcover. We'll see.

I'm pretty proud that it actually worked. The folds seem even and the cord pulls it up nice and smoothly. I might attempt these for our room next.

Next sewing project- a snuggler. It's looking so cozy I might make one in my size.

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Kelly Jeanne said...

They look great! Babies actually respond best to simple black and white patterns during the first few months while their eyes develop so I'm sure she will love them!