Monday, May 16, 2011


We bought and assembled the crib this weekend which I guess means we're keeping the baby. It's official! After way too much consideration and searching for the perfect crib (which obviously is this one), we (I) decided that it was crazy to spend $800 on a piece of baby furniture when my whole nursery budget was under 1K (although now thanks to my crafty craigslist sleuthing and DIY craziness is more like $500). Luckily my Scandinavian friends at IKEA came through with a very close to perfect crib that we happily purchased. The Sniglar. Awesome name too. We shook the shit out of the assembled crib at home too and everything was sturdy, smooth, and oh-so-inexpensive. I love it and can't wait to deck it out with a nice mattress (which happens to be 3/5ths of the nursery budget! Christ Almighty organic mattresses are pricey.) and cute sheets.

And look who helped us assemble it! That little furball of sweetness is Sadie, Jerod and Karen's kitty, on loan for a few days. We missed having a kitty so much and luckily she's a great loaner cat. She's been having fun sniffing and licking everything in the house (our nostrils while we're sleeping included) and we've been enjoying having a furbaby in the house to play with again.

I think I'm happy with this new furniture placement. I like that the crib is right next to the hallway door so we can peek in and see the baby easily, and the dressers look better broken up rather than side-by-side. Because these things matter. The womb chair will go in the corner in between the changing table (now close to the laundry room which will be handy) and the black dresser. Can't wait for that bad boy to arrive.

I found these drawer pulls that I've had for a long time with nothing to put them on, and did a happy dance when I realized they fit the changing table and I had exactly enough of them. I got them on super sale at Anthropologie awhile back and love their card-catalog quality. I'm so type A and will obviously label the drawers once I figure out what's going to go inside of them. Fun!


Nikki Menda said...

Be still my heart, sweet little kitty! I love the room set up!!

Kelly said...

omg! i have been looking everywhere for archive drawer pulls like that! i was inspired by this grey credenza from cb2 with yellow ones! thanks for the tip, gonna look at anthropologie right now!!