Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snuggler and a wet bag

I think Elsa likes it when I sew because she moves around every time the Huskystar gets fired up. She probably knows I'm making her cool stuff and she's excited about that.

I finished the Snuggler last night, made from a pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's Sewing for Baby book. I love her book and her designs but some of her instructions are pretty vague which usually results in some frustration. I like lots of diagrams and photographs of what I'm supposed to do, not so much with the sketchy illustrations. Oh well, it turned out pretty good I think.

I used an ivory microfleece for the inside and this Heather Ross Rabbits and Race Cars fabric from Kokka which I've been squirreling away for a perfect use. I love it so much, I'm sad to see my supply of it dwindle. :( The little dancing foxes, frogs, and rabbits are so rad. I love all her designs, especially this Munki Kittens one. I wish it wasn't $35 for a half-yard! Dats crazy.

And this morning I made another wet bag for poopy diapers on-the-go. This time with a zipper! Ooh, fancy. I used the Cloud9 My Happy Nursery Flock fabric for the outside, and a light blue PUL waterproof fabric for the inside.


Diana said...

Such beautiful fabrics!! Make me, not diaper covers yet! Where do you find all of them? I saw a very cute one with the Little Red Riding Hood theme in great colors and details that I loved. That was one of my favorite stories when I was little (La Caperucita Roja, in Spanish if you want to know!)

Diana said...

And...that poor kid is going to have a mattress, right? We gave you enough $$ for one! I see the crib without one and it scares me...Love, mommy

Liv said...

Didn't I make you an apron with that La Caperucita Roja print?? Same designer as this one I think. I bought this fabric when I was with you! At the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica a few years ago. Remember?

Yes, we're getting her a mattress, and yes, we're buying it with the money you gave us for the nursery! I'm just waiting for a sale, because I'm a bargain hunter.