Sunday, May 8, 2011


These Doyle & Doyle earrings are the coolest. I was searching for new drawer pulls for the dresser I just bought on craigslist that we're going to use for a changing table and found these bad boys and was thinking of where I could use them so I could buy them, and then today I saw these earrings on a blog post from Ill Seen, Ill Said. I wish I had $295 burning a hole in my wallet so they could live on my earlobes...

I did however get a little something something for the baby's room today. A succulent in a pink giraffe! By the Etsy seller Plaid Pigeon. I love it. I think the baby will too.

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Diana said...

Love the giraffe. The earrings are an old design, i saw them when I was in high school, and I think they are a Tiffanny or Cartier design. I saw them in gold, more lion-like?