Monday, May 16, 2011

New closet

Apparently I have a lot of clothing items. I still think I'm pretty restrained when it comes to shopping for myself but my closet makes me look like a liar. Poor Jeff and his flannels got pushed out of our bedroom closet into his previous studio's closet, but since the studio is now a nursery and Elsa is my daughter, she's going to need that space. Our closet is pretty long (96") and tall and the previous set up just had one bar going through the middle, so a lot of space was wasted. My brilliant idea was to take down the existing bar and shelf and install a modular shelving unit (Antonius from IKEA) to make a double decker closet, allowing more room for Jeff to move all his RVCA clothes into.

So here is what we started with:

All my stuff. And during the reno, all my stuff on our bed:

And Ta-Da!! The after:

Wait. Still all my stuff. Whaaa...? How did that happen? I close to doubled the square footage of hanging space in the closet and we still didn't have room for Jeff's flannels. Crap. My dresses and long cardigans took up more space in the double decker sections so his big boy clothes wouldn't fit. So after a breakdown (which stemmed from Alberta's putting cheese in my bean burrito which we specifically asked them not to do and then realized it after getting home), I calmed down, weeded out some clothes, shoes, and purses I'm not going to wear anymore (tear), and moved my accessories from the hall closet into this one, donating that space now to Jeff. He seemed satisfied, and I'm now happy with the new set-up. Let's just hope the screws hold and everything doesn't come crashing down!

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