Sunday, May 15, 2011

Elsa Ida McMillan

I don't think I've shared it here yet, but Jeff and I decided on the baby's name so we're trending to calling her by name now, instead of baby or Skeletor. Elsa was on both of our "like" lists, and at the top of mine. I love that it's short, easy to pronounce and spell, and can have a few cute nicknames like Elle, Elsie, or EM (initials). The Ida is Grammie's namesake, and if you met Jeff's Grammie, it'd be clear why we would want our daughter to carry on her name. Plus it's old-fashioned and sweet, and goes nicely with Elsa I think.

We're fiddling around more with the nursery today (bought and assembled the crib yesterday, yay!!) so pictures on that coming up later...

The custom crocheted name piece above is by the awesome Etsy seller Crochetingbyrose. Her mom makes them and did this one and had it shipped to me within 4 days of the purchase! So fast! And inexpensive. I'm going to frame this one for her little art gallery in the nursery.

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Nikki Menda said...

LOVE. :) And the nicknames that go with it are awesome.