Monday, May 30, 2011


I made a little floating sheep mobile for above Elsa's crib using a pattern from the book Baby Stuff but modifying it a bit to make Siamese colored sheep (of course) and using materials I already had on hand. The ring is a ribbon covered embroidery hoop, I have a ton of that satin cord so I use it every chance I get (it makes the best cat toys! Cats love it slipping through their toes.), and the bamboo batting I also had lying around from a coupon extravaganza shopping trip at Joann's. I like how it turned out, and the black and white should be stimulating to the baby. But not too stimulating. I want her to sleep.

Now I just have to figure out how to hang it over the crib. I've seen crib attachments that hold the mobile over the crib at the right height (hanging it from the ceiling seems weird), but where do you get those?

I also made a curtain for the other door in the nursery that leads out to the sewing room/library, which has a ginormous window that lets in oodles of sun. It's a sheer curtain so it's not too light blocking but the nursery is fairly dark as it is so maybe it'll work out. I can always line it later but I like how you can see the swiss dots against the sun looking out the nursery. I hung the curtain on the sewing room side of the door so I can still peek in and make sure she's not pulling off her diaper and poo finger painting when she should be napping.

Today we have more baby stuff to do... have to assemble the stroller, install the car seat bases, hang her awesome vintage swag chain lamp from the ceiling, and finish painting her vintage rocking horse and cat coatrack. Those are our Memorial Day goals, but I'll probably end up eating peach popsicles on a blanket on the backyard lawn instead.

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