Saturday, May 7, 2011

A&S wedding Part deux

Almost done! I'm having my breakfast and going through some of the pictures I took yesterday. We finished all 24 of the centerpiece arrangements and all 8 of the aisle arrangements, and prepped everything for the 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 3 mini flower girl bouquets, bride's bouquet, 7 corsages, and 15 boutonnieres (!) last night, and will wrap them, box them, and deliver them to the wedding location today. Thank god it's a lot cooler today than it was earlier in the week! That should help perk up the flowers a bit.

Enough talky-talky, let the pictures show you what We Like Flowers has been up to:

We started with lots and lots of flowers in buckets. The colors are mainly in the light peaches, pinks, creamy whites, green, and grays. Just lovely. A little reminiscent of Kelsey and Jake's wedding though. We agreed our next project has to be a goth wedding so we don't get typecast!

I love these white berries. We also got peach coffee berries, hydrangeas, scabiosa pods, billy balls, carnations, lisianthus, roses, queen anne's lace, dusty miller, rice flowers, wax flower, statice, peonies and mums.

Another inclusion in our flower arsenal were succulents! I loved including these in the arrangements. They're so sculptural and cool, and hardy! Cleaning and wiring them up was a bit of a pain in the ass though.

The bride collected most of the vessels for us, and were thrifted glass and crystal bowls. Because of their shape, it'd be hard to cover the floral foam of the arrangements with greenery so our solution was to bring in the gold spray paint! I think they look beautiful, and the gold really complements the color palette of the wedding decor.

We used mason jars for the succulent aisle arrangements, and also sprayed those gold. I love these, I want to make a bunch for our house now. They'd be awesome house-warming or hostess gifts too I think.

We used different succulents to mix up the aisle a bit. I think they all came out great.

Here's a close-up of one of the 24 centerpiece arrangements. They're pretty flower heavy this time. Not too much greenery or filler going on. Around arrangement #10 Mandy and I started to get nervous about the amount of flowers we had and started rationing, but it actually turned out perfect, and we have a lot of leftovers to fill in any empty spots today.

Ta-da!! 24 big ones. I'll post more pics when we get them set up on location!

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ET said...

GREAT work, Liv and Mandy. You both do fantastic work, and hope you will get many more exciting projects (of course, not in the immediate future, as you will have some other things to deal with first, Liv...:-)). Your clients will be lucky to get you to do their flower arrangements.

Hope you also got a chance to eat some cake at the wedding...