Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimme

I'm in a shopping mood. Baby products are pretty irresistible, and I find myself wanting to shop for Elsa way more than for myself. Maybe this is the start of me letting myself go. :) I need something to distract me though. Our boys, Tyr and Thor, are arriving today! We were supposed to pick them up in Pasadena around 10, but the foster mom driving them down from the bay area got stuck north of the grapevine because of the power outages and nowhere to buy gas. Triple A is on the way to help her, but it'll delay things until the afternoon. I want them now!!

Anyways, here is what's on my Amazon wishlist right now:

Wee Plush by Bunnies by the Bay. I had a stuffed dog that I LOVED for years and years before my mom threw it away (just kidding, we still don't know what happened to it. I probably left it somewhere.) and I want Elsa to have the same comfort. I like the painted blush cheeks on this guy, and his sewn on face.

Sewing with Oilcloth book. Sooo many projects!!

Beaba Babypote. This is what I was talking about Mom! More eco-friendly than the disposable puree snack bags everyone is squirting into their kids faces these days. Plus you can fill them with pretty much anything. Elsa can't have anything but breast milk for another 4 months but I can start pureeing Jeff's meals so he can have them in squirtable form.

This Totseat looks great, especially since our Phil & Ted's MeToo chair got recalled. :( Once Elsa has neck control over her giant noggin we can put her in this thing when we go out to the bars.

I love Plan Toys, and this Woodpecker Walker takes the cake. So cool.

This Playful Learning book. I want to develop Elsa's sense of joy and wonder. I don't know if we really need a book to do that, but it'll help on the lazy mommy days.

And these next two are for me. The Design*Sponge at Home book. I love and read her blog everyday, and can't wait to see the book. So much eye candy.

These Minnetonka moccasin slippers in gray. They look so comfy, perfect for my work at home days.

Just got the call, kitties are on their way!!!

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Henry Miller said...

I had told Mark we were getting Elsa that woodpecker walker for your shower. Then you had to say you needed diapers. We went for the logical choice.