Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two months!

I can't believe my tiny little baby is already two months old! Everyone is right when they say the time flies by. I'm already back at work! My maternity leave ended last week so I'm back in the work saddle, but luckily allowed to ease into it with a part-time working from home schedule. Jeff takes care of Elsa during the day while I work and then we switch and he gets to head to the studio in the evenings. She's been waking up crazy early this week which makes things a little difficult, but hopefully it's just a bad week. She's been a sleep champ for a solid month before this so fingers crossed she realizes that sleep is a good thing and goes back to that.

I didn't get the best shots of her on her two month birthday on the womb chair, but at least this depicts real life. Happy with her pacifier, pouty lip when it falls out.

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Dre said...

Gahhhhh!! SO cute! Happy 2 months Birthday,Elsa :)