Sunday, September 11, 2011

Siamese and my baby. I'm happy!

The cats are acting now like they've been here forever, they're so comfy with us! Tyr went missing this morning and Sue found him in the box above the dryer, filled with our clean (not anymore) dishtowels. It's so funny how they can seek out the perfect (to them) cat bed in the house without you having to show it to them. He probably slept there all night.

Both are total lap cats. But I could still feel Tyr's talons through the towel and my jeans! Will have to take care of that soon...

Lily Mae loved these chairs too! I think they think it's a good hiding spot. It's sweet to see them together, following each other around. This is why we wanted two!

And this morning... Noni got smiles! She was a happy little baby until she decided she was hungry. We got some great shots of her and the kitties. More pics of Sue and the baby later! (This was early morning so Sue had yet to put on her makeup, I cropped her out on her request, I'm not a jerk!)

They love being around the action. Thor (on my lap here) headbutted my hand holding my coffee, getting it splashed all over him and me. Note to self, don't drink hot drinks around the cats.

This warms my heart.

I love this picture of Thor looking at her and Elsa looking at Jeff as if she's thinking "WTF is that Dad??"


Dre said...

So much cuteness I can't stand it! Elsa gets cuter every day! LOL about the headbutting; my Lizzy is a head-butter and I've learned to move my coffee cup when she's approaching.

ET said...

I can't wait to come down and meet our new "grand children" and pet them. They are really beautiful and I know all of you will get a lot of enjoyment from them, and Tyr and Thor are also VERY lucky kitties to have such good and caring parents. And I know that they will also enjoy playing with "uncle Jan," when he babysits them...