Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweet gifts!

We have such stylish family and friends! Elsa was recently gifted these adorable fashions. The crocheted slippers will fit her on Monday when her harness comes off (part-time)!

These dainty little orange slippers were a gift from Jeff's cousin Kristin and her husband Chris, and they were packaged so beautifully. First in this awesome little twine box, and then again in a pretty blue shoe box. I'm a sucker for great packaging.

These little booties came all the way from Portugal! My aunt and uncle Britt and Rui sent them for Elsa. I was worried she'd grow out of them before even getting to wear them (thanks to the stupid harness) but her little tootsies are still tiny. Yay! I love the printed bag they came in too. So colorful.

Sean and Gretchen gave us the awesome high top converse sneaks (and Max gave her red low top ones!) to go with this delightful seersucker number. I want her to stay little for awhile, but I'm looking forward to her being big enough to wear this!

Love the bow detail, and how the buttons keep the bow from flopping over!

And just when Jeff and I were starting to feel left out... Marlene and Herb sent us the sweetest card, congratulating us on making a baby, and including a gift to treat ourselves to a nice dinner out! Which we will be doing as soon as Sue our babysitter/Noni arrives this weekend! We're very much looking forward to her visit, not just so we can have a date night, but we miss seeing the grandparents fawn all over Elsa. It's in the top ten of Best Things Ever.

Thanks everyone!!

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