Monday, September 19, 2011

All vaccinated and happy...

Elsa went in for her 2 month visit this morning and got all her vaccines. She took them like a champ, crying a little with the first jab, but then was all smiles on her way home. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 8 ounces (without the harness!) and 23 inches long, so in two months she's gained two pounds and grew 3 inches. Not too shabby!

They cracked me up for this one. They were both looking at the opposite wall so I called out to them and they both turned their heads at the exact second and made the exact same expression. Twins!

We don't let them sleep with us at night but we let them in our room early in the morning to snuggle with the whole family as we slowly get our day started. They usually stay on the bed curled up with each other after we get up though.

Jan likes this picture of Tyr. Me too. In the one below, I caught him watching Jeff work in the backyard. Thor doesn't seem to care for the open window as much as Tyr, but maybe he just hasn't discovered it yet.

I love this one! The colors are perfect, and I like how they're crossing arms. These cats are such Kodak moments.


Sue Blanchard said...

i love all of your babies...both human and feline! elsa is sooo cute and the kitties are so regal. i'm really not sure which one i would reach for first! :-)

Judy Clink said...

I love these latest pics of Elsa!!1 Her eyes look so big! If she is this happy after her shots you are very lucky!! The pics of the cats are good too...they have certainly settled in!!!