Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby and kitties. What else is new?

Tyr the professional sun bather. He likes sitting on this little podium of scrap wood I keep forgetting to move to the garage. Cats are funny.

A beauty shot of Elsa, lost in deep thought.

Okay, I'm not trying to embarrass Tyr here, but look how he poops! All four paws balancing at the very edge of the litter box! He was teetering back and forth while Jeff and I watched and cracked up.

I love this little tiger onesie she has, looks so Charley Harper. 

And SO much cuter with little matching orange crocheted booties!

Tyr keeping an eye on the baby, making sure she doesn't bounce off the dining table. (We were there too doing the same thing)

These Trumpette socks kill me. I love them, and I want the t-strap maryjane socks now too. Lynne said it looks like she's going to get up and do a little tap dance in them.

We tried out her Bumbo last night to see if she'd be able to hold up her head in it, and it sort of worked! She's still too little for it, and definitely too little to be left in it with our hands not close by to stabilize her head when she throws it off to the side, but it was fun for a few minutes. She seemed to really like it too.

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