Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tyr and Thor

It's my due date today and I have no baby. Which I guess is to be expected, since it's my first and they usually come a few days late, right? I've heard only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date (hi Jude!) so I'm probably in for a few more days of this. So quit texting and calling me asking if the baby has come yet!! I promise, I will let you all know. 

So now on to the REAL news... Jeff and I are adopting!! After Lily Mae passed away in April, we knew that we would want pets again soon. We probably would have adopted right away if it weren't for our other impending arrival, but we thought it'd be unfair to bring new cats into our quiet home and smother them with attention and then shock the crap out of them by soon after bringing home a screaming newborn. So we've been waiting patiently while skimming the available cats up for adoption on the Siamese Rescue website. I got Lily Mae from the Southern California sector and knew that I'd want to go through them again. They're a really great organization and screen applicants very thoroughly to make sure they're matching up cats to good owners. They don't just have Siamese cats, but they mainly focus on that breed, so it's perfect for people like me that want a specific breed but absolutely refuse to go through a breeder or a pet store. These are all pets in need of a good home.

So last week when I was skimming, I found Tyr and Thor, three-year old Blue Point Wedgehead Siamese brothers. According to their foster mom, they are super friendly cats who love attention, being on your lap, playing, and are great around other cats and dogs. And they're not pukers! This was important to us after having Lily Mae who did not exactly possess these qualities. She'd sit next to me or would sleep on my head, but she'd avoid Jeff unless he had tortilla chips to offer (her favorite). So understandably he wanted friendly cats for our next pets. These boys are up in the Bay Area so the foster mom very generously offered to bring them down to us, and will probably come sometime in August after we're settled into a routine with the other baby. I. Can't. Wait.

Here are some pictures of the beauties! 

They had a third brother, the one in the middle, but he's already been adopted. Probably a good thing because I would have wanted him too and our (Jeff's) limit has always been just two cats.

These next four pictures are of Thor, the more laid back and quiet of the two:

They are such classic wedgeheads, I love them! Some people think they're alien looking but I love their angular heads with giant triangle ears. These boys have such pretty coloring too, so white and just a light gray dusting on their points.

These next three pictures are of Tyr, the more curious and chatty of the two.

Exciting!! Our family is going from two to five in the matter of a month or two. The house will definitely have a little more life going through it, and I can't wait. 


Nikki Menda said...

So happy for you!! If the foster mom can't bring them down, let me know - I can do it! :) :)

Henry Miller said...

Congrats! They are beauties! H was also a due date baby, so come on Elsa. Let's get this party started!

Liv said...

Nikki, you are so sweet to offer! We were totally planning on shipping Jeff up there to fetch them, or begging my dad, but the foster mom said it will work out perfectly for her to come at the beginning of August. Yay!

Thanks Karen! They're not dogs, but they are pretty awesome. We're excited. And guess what I'm drinking right now... iced raspberry leaf tea!

DawnMarie said...

Congrats. I am so happy to hear this. I volunteer at a local shelter here in MA. I love adoption stories. Plus you provide a loving home for animals. I am glad two newbies get to experience your happy home.

Jamie said...

I just saw on Jeff's facebook that Elsa's here! Congratulations!!! (Also congrats on the kitties)