Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby's first bath! FINALLY!

Elsa got her harness off yesterday for the first time in 7 weeks! That gross sucker had to be on her 24/7 so we have only been able to sponge bathe her up until now. We're starting to wean her off the harness so it's 12-16 hours on a day for a month, and then 8 hours on a day for another month before she's totally free of it. I was SO thrilled to bust out her Puj tub and suds her up!

I wanted her so much to like being bathed, and thankfully she seemed to really enjoy it. She moved her little hand under the running water several times, and didn't cry at all. We got one pouty lip when the shampoo went on, but that went away when I dumped water over her head to wash it off. She liked that!

The Puj tub was great. Squishy soft, but firm, and it fit perfectly into our weirdly sized pink vintage bathroom sink. She seems unsure of things in these pictures, but we got some smiles, and I take no crying as a sign that liked it. Or at least wasn't pissed about it.

Here's that shampoo pouty lip:

We used the Yes to Carrots baby body wash and shampoo on her. It makes her smell SO yummy! And look who's in the background trying to get in on the action...

She either didn't like getting out, or didn't like the towels I sewed her. I think the terry was a little scratchy (should have gone with a thicker organic cotton terry, this was the cheapy stuff from JoAnn's), so I'm going to put it through some cycles with fabric softener to get it more to the baby's liking.

Look at those feet! Free of the dirty little boots. Her legs seem so skinny and pale so I'm on a mission to chub them up and get them nice and fat and pink.

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ET said...

LOVE these pictures. Great to see you all so happy, and wonderful that Elsa can now be without the harness during the day. Now I can teach her swimming when you come up at end of the month...:-)