Friday, September 16, 2011

New jammies, Matthew, and kitties!

Look how happy she is to be footloose and fancy free without her harness! I love putting her in these little sleepers that now fit. This one is a Cheri the Chihuahua Paul Frank sleeper that Karen gave her. It's super cute and soft.

She's been licking and sucking on her little fist a lot lately. It's endlessly adorable.

And Matthew and Kellycopter came to visit! They were on their way back from Disneyland and brought Elsa a Minnie Mouse hat with her name embroidered on the back. So sweet! I'm looking forward to her head size tripling so she can wear it. Here she is being held by my Iron Maiden:

And the boys are still totally hogging the womb chair. They sleep in all sorts of configurations, which Jan called "Meezer Jenga".


Judy Clink said...

Elsa looks so happy in the swing in her adorable pj's!! She is so cute!! Sue must have hated to leave!!

Carol said...

They look so HAPPY! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for loving them and giving them the life they deserve!
ps....this is always how they sleep. If your lap is handy, they'll sleep on you the same way.

Liv said...

Aw, thank YOU Carol! If it weren't for you rescuing them first, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to adopt them so you made this happen! We do love them though, and are so happy to give them their forever home.

ps... Thor is on my lap right now. On the three inches of my knees that baby Elsa is not occupying. He doesn't seem to mind getting cozy!