Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our boys are here!!

Tyr and Thor made it safely down from the Bay Area to their new home of Long Beach today, and we are SO thrilled to have them. Tyr has settled in quite nicely and has been exploring the house, sitting on Jeff's lap, and rubbing all up on Jan. He even sniffed Elsa's head and seemed to think she was alright. Thor is a little more shy and is still hiding under our bed, but he also was a little love bug in the beginning when we got acquainted. I'm sure by the evening he'll be out and about with his brother, making himself at home.

He IS a lap kitty! His claws are like Shun knives though so Jeff had to put down a towel. I see a pedicure in his future...

Tyr had no problem with us putting on his snazzy new red collar either. The bell didn't seem to bother him at all, and I think he looks dashing in it. Thor gets a blue one when he comes out.

We may or may not have bought their love with tuna.

Thor's first hiding spot. It took us forever to find him! So sneaky. It wasn't even unzipped like this. The sides were zipped up and the bag looked empty until I noticed the white fur on the outside of it. I peeked in and saw his skinny little body. Check out his fangs!!

Vampire kitty. Here is where he is now, underneath our bed. We took out the storage drawers for easy access to the kitty. Hopefully he comes out soon. Tyr keeps going over to check on him, as if he's saying "Dude. They're cool. You'll like them. There's tuna out there."


ET said...

GREAT looking Siamese kitties, Liv. With three children to care for, you and Jeff now have your hands full, but sure you will do fine. Lucky kitties to have such caring parents and just hope they and Elsa will also get along well.But sure this will also work out well. And sure Jan will greatly enjoy baby sitting Tyr and Thor whenever you and Jeff need to travel.

Brendan said...

Wow, these guys look really tough. They'd probably beat the crap out of JalapeƱo.