Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is not good times. I'm going on hour 42 of the worst headache of my life. Is this what a migraine feels like? I asked Jeff to hang up dark towels over our bedroom windows to make the room cave-like and tolerable because when I get out of bed or see bright light, my frontal and temporal lobes pulse and I hate life. I'm not getting the aura thing though, and not at all nauseous (I made a giant fruit smoothie for breakfast and had Jeff pick me up double decker bean tacos for lunch and wolfed it all down), but this headache is impervious to Tylenol and my allowed one cup of coffee today. Thankfully the Tylenol worked yesterday morning for me as we wrapped up our annual Imaging Genetics conference that I coordinate for work. This was somewhat good, and probably expected, timing for a cold and headache to come on since I usually take a day or two off after the conference to wind down, but still is unwelcome.

I don't know if it's a congestion headache (I got a cold over the weekend and yesterday was bad on my sinuses but I'm much clearer today) or related to the pregnancy, but it SUCKS. Any recommendations are very welcome and appreciated because I rarely get headaches and don't know what else to do besides curl up and whimper underneath my lavender and flax eye pillow.

My brief respite from the throbbing today came during my shower which I was dreading. It was hard to get up and make it over to the bathroom but the second I stepped into the steamy water, the headache was gone. I would have stayed there all day if we weren't in a drought. Maybe I need a humidifier? Do those help headaches? This one is cute. This one though is available at my local Target and I'm all about safety first. I'll send Jeff.

The other great part about my shower was my new Yes to Carrots body wash. It smells sooo good. I have the Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner and those are fantastic too. Paraben free and with lots of natural ingredients, not to mention pretty and witty packaging which I'm a sucker for. I'm all over their baby products too as soon as the peanut arrives. I like the nose gunk wipes especially.

Back to sleep...

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Nikki Menda said...

You poor thing!! I've suffered from migraines for years and went through a bout my senior year in high school where I couldn't get out of bed because of it (I actually remember getting my acceptance letter to Cal Poly in a fetal position). Yours really sounds like sinuses, if your relief came from a hot shower. I'm not too sure about medicine with you're preggie, but maybe your doctor can prescribe antibiotics if it's turned into a sinus infection? I'm usually the last person to jump at antibiotics (I know if you use them too much they build up, blah blah), but this seems really extreme! In the meantime, yes on the humidifier. Usually, when I get a migraine, I sleep. I'm really bad about taking medicine, so I don't have any winning combination. Hang in there!