Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet relief...

The headache is finally going away. Yesterday and today were pretty good and it seems to get better by the hour. I went for a massage yesterday after work and it made all the difference. My upper back was killing me so I decided to cash in my Groupon (only $35 for a full body hour long massage!) and git 'er done. It would have been bad the night before because my head was still throbbing (and face down in that head cradle would NOT have been comfortable) but last night was just right. I floated out of there.

It was the perfect storm of a cold, pregnancy hormones, conference stress, and being tired that just murdered my head. I'm going to need to start watching how I feel a little closer and to take more breaks when those warning signs appear. Or just go get a weekly massage. :)

Thanks everyone for all the worrying and phone calls and sweet comments wishing me to get better!

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Nikki Menda said...

Whew! I think weekly massages aren't a half bad idea - maybe call them "preemptive anti-headache massages!"

Sooooo glad you are feeling better!