Monday, January 31, 2011

A little garden progress...

We replanted our raised bed with rainbow lights swiss chard, red cabbage, asian cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and garlic at the beginning of the month and everything is looking strong and healthy, thanks to this amazing SoCal winter weather we've been having. The rainstorms filled up our rain barrel and we've been watering this bed with that and the plants are thriving in the sunshine and cold mornings. Here's the before, right after the sad little Home Depot seedlings went in:

And the shot from a few days ago, opposite direction (don't mind the one-eyed gorilla):

Looks like we're going to have a bountiful harvest... Another addition we made to the garden is a second compost bin. The large one is just about done (our scraps made beautiful compost!) but of course we're constantly generating more scraps to put in it, so we bought a smaller matching tub ($7 from Target, deal city considering how much real "composters" cost at garden centers), drilled holes in the top and bottom, threw in some of the done compost, added our scraps from the kitchen compost bin, and voila! 2nd composter. Now I can amend my soil freely when things are looking low. 

And look at our succulents! We snagged a couple little succulent roses from Grammie's garden when we were up north and planted them here to see if they'd propagate, and boy did they. Tons! These will get replanted in the front yard so we can keep the little succulent factory going.

Next up on my outdoor list is to fertilize our orange tree and Linus the lemon tree, plant my craespedia seeds (aka billy balls!), and plant the porcelain vines Mandy gave me as a birthday gift! The porcelain vines are super invasive apparently but oh so beautiful, so I'm going to plant them in our window boxes where they can be managed appropriately. Fingers crossed for this:

(Image From Saipua)

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