Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing else to do but online shop!

Sooo... headache is still here. :( The Excedrin helps a lot but only lasts about 4 hours max and I can only take it once a day so there are still a lot of unhappy hours. Sigh.

So what else is there to do while lying still on the couch? I shopped around for clothes, baby goodies, read my reader, and bookmarked a lot of stuff. Virtual window shopping though because the credit card was in my wallet in the other room and I couldn't get up. It's better though. No impulse buying when sick!

Like these, don't need at all but want:

Retro Industrial Storage Units. I love the color, the wood tops, and the latched storage boxes. Sadly, nowhere to put these...

Kusaki Puff towels. The pigments come from plants and they're made from super absorbent and soft organic cotton. Love those little puff dots. Maybe we do need these... the baby will need towels!

Both from Viva Terra...

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