Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How is crib bedding more expensive than MY bedding??

Crib bedding is ridiculously expensive. And unnecessary! Aren't crib bumpers and blankets supposed to be SIDS risks?? So... don't you just need fitted sheets and a sleep sack? I'm confused about all these crazy expensive bedding sets for mini people. I shun them. I want cute organic sheets so I think I'll just make them. I looked up some patterns online and they seem easy enough. And I can use my stash of pretty vintage fabrics! This one from Etsy seller RoosterLegs is super adorable though, I love the patchwork!

I was thinking about changing tables too... we're keeping and refinishing Jeff's old dresser (his childhood one) for the baby's room and I was thinking we could just put a changing pad on top of that but it would be at my chest level which seems like it might be awkward to change a baby on. Yes? No? Maybe I'll practice with a stunt baby to see if it'll work. If not, I think the Edland 3-drawer dresser from IKEA would be pretty sweet:

The color matches the crib and the legs and pulls are a little girly but not too precious. And more storage for all those cloth diapers and wipies and baby butt supplies is always helpful! We shall see. 


trishy said...

Hi Liv, I completely agree with you about crib bedding! It's hideously overpriced and most of it can't be used when the baby is actually sleeping there. What a scam. Plus it's going to get pooped and peed and spit up on - it can't be too precious, right? I didn't bother with coordinated bedding, just registered for a bunch of fitted sheets.
For a changing table, I bought an IKEA kitchen cart.
It's the right height, with two drawers, and for the open shelves I found some cute baskets that will hold all the necessities. (I'm also painting it a bright aqua.) Because we're pretty handy, we are building a box to hold the changing pad that will fit snugly over the existing top. But you could get some heavy-duty Velcro strips and secure the pad by itself. But that IKEA dresser is adorable, too, and is more your style. I'm looking forward to seeing how your nursery comes together! (And I'm glad your horrible migraine is going away too.)
Trish (baby shower flower recipient and soon-to-be mom of twins!)

Kate said...

Hi Liv! I'll put in my 2 cents too. :) We have used our changing table MAYBE 5 times. We change Kaylee on the floor on a changing mat. It is so much easier and they'll never roll off the top of a table! The bedding bumper MIGHT come in handy for Baby McMillan after she's a year old and starts sticking her feet/legs out of the crib slats and gets "stuck". But then a little bit later she'll figure out how to get "unstuck" and you won't need the bumper anymore. We used our bumper for about a week but definitely after she was a year old. There are other options out there for solving that problem though. I've never used the coordinating blanket/comforter other than to hang it over the rocking chair for decor. So I recommend going the route you're thinking of and buying the fitted sheets (at least 4) and then make or buy your own other pieces.

Have fun searching for the right pieces!! Can't wait to see the nursery but more so your little peanut!!


Diana said...

mom says fitted sheets only...Nothing with a Winnie the Pooh theme, wouldn't want baby to have nightmares--isn't he SCARY? You don't want a changing table so high up! Dangerous enough to fall from a waist-high table. You'll also find that some of the "equipment" in nurseries is not necessary, just adds clutter. The truth is that babies change so much and so quickly that they have different needs at every stage. Try, for example, to change a squirmy, older infant on a changing table. You'll need four hands to change the diaperAND keep the baby from falling. I wasn't always succesful...Kidding!
In any case, you'll figure out what YOU need and not what stores tell you, so you can wait with some of
the stuff and figure out if you really need it.
Good advice from Trish and Kate....

Liv said...

I knew crib bedding sets and changing tables were a scam!! Thanks for the comments! I rely on you all to tell me what's what. I think I'll just go with Kate's changing pad on the floor technique and see how that works out. I have a lot to learn... I wasn't even thinking about the baby squirming around and securing the pad to the table! I guess I was picturing changing a doll, and not a live wiggly mini person. HA!

And thanks Mom for telling everyone I was scared of Winnie the Pooh. I still find him creepy.

Kelly Jeanne said...

let me know how the cloth diaper thing works out! I told matthew that's what I want to do, but he told me I'm crazy! We'll show him!!

Diana said...

Me again...I had a changing table (borrowed) with Jan and did use it for the first month or two, then I changed him on the bed--like you, we had a low bed. When you came along, only used our bed or floor with a pad,or blankie.
Cloth diapers are wonderful. Better for baby's skin. I got a few little pads that were waterproof but covered with flannel to put under baby when sleeping and nursing--they pee on you often! Don't know if they still sell these, but I loved them. Threw them in the washer and dryer all the time and got peed on a lot less. They lasted forever so they're NOT like the wee wee pads for puppies that are sadly disposable. Hope you can find those. I also loved receiving blankets, they are great to swaddle babies, the nurse at the hospital showed me how to do it. Babies feel secure and calmer when they're wrapped up like that and they're easier to hold. They look like "dos manos" burritos!
They come in packs of four or six, very washable and last forever. I still have three of yours and Jan's!