Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knocked up!

I've been waiting to share this little secret on the blog for, oh, about TEN WEEKS now but I can finally spill it! The families know and I'm past the first trimester hurdle, so all systems go! I am currently 13 weeks and 4 days along (the ultrasound above was taken at 12 weeks and 3 days) and feeling just dandy. We're so excited to welcome this cute little being into our lives, and are praying for smooth sailing until July 9th or around then when we get to meet the munchkin! 

So many updates to come... of course, inspiration boards are being drafted up for the nursery (our next big house project will be converting the detached garage into a super cool studio for Jeff and our friend Mark Miller so we can then transform the second bedroom into the baby's room), gender determination (we have a hunch, thanks to a super skilled ultrasound technician but we'll get confirmation at the anatomy ultrasound around 18-20 weeks),  and details on how I plan on eating my placenta. Yup, seriously. 

Fun times!!


Jan Trondsen said...

Wait that last sentence....I feel woozy and sick all of a can't be serious....

Nikki Menda said...

YAY!!!!!!!! You looked positively glowing in that picture with Ross Matthews - you have the pregnancy glow! Congratulations again!! :)