Monday, January 17, 2011

Room for baby...

This will be a work in progress for the next 5 months but it's fun to start scheming ideas. Here is the little inspiration board I've put together so far:

This one is assuming we'll have a girl. If we have a boy (which we would also be thrilled about), the wall color would change from that pink to maybe a light orange. The bird mobile and fabrics would also be toughened up a bit. 

So the must haves for a nursery are a crib and a comfy lounge chair. Two exciting big furniture purchases. I've of course done a ton of internet searching for my favorites and for the crib, the hands-down winner for me with nothing even in second place, is the Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios. I love that it's made locally, is made out of sustainably harvested maple wood, uses no-VOC paint on the bars (we like the charcoal gray), and it converts to a toddler bed with no additional conversion kit. AND it was one of the cheaper options of all the cribs I was looking at out there. Just perfect. 

The lounge chair I was a little torn over but now my mind is made up. I thought it would have to be a glider which I must admit are so incredibly comfortable, but I was disappointed with the appearance of most of them. So many of them are just generic looking, and scream "I BELONG IN A NURSERY!" Not what I'm looking for when I think about dropping hundreds of dollars on a chair. Or a thousand and change for the ones that don't look like the generic nursery glider! I'd like the chair to leave the baby's room after the nursing thing is over, and replace the dying pink chair in our living room with it so it has to have style longevity. So what chair have I been lusting after for over ten years, is super comfy, has definite style, and won't break the budget? The appropriately named Womb chair and it's matching ottoman. Or more specifically, a reproduction of the Womb chair. An authentic one costs over $4K. !!!! Yeah, no. Maybe one day when Jeff's paintings sell for a million dollars each. For now, we can afford a reproduction that to me seems like an identical copy for around $675 for the chair and ottoman. Still expensive, but considering how much I'll be sitting in it with the peanut and how many times I will admire it when I'm in its presence, it's worth it.

The bench with the bright green velvet cushion is from Urban Outfitters and seems like a lovely place to take a nap with the baby and to cozy up on. Love the color.

The gray knitted pouf is from CB2 and brings some crocheted craftiness to the space. It will be nice and soft too for the baby to pull itself up on when it learns how to stand!

The paint color I'm copying from Young House Love's new fabulous nursery because it sounds like exactly what I would want for a little girl room. Light pink that leans towards the gray/lavender tones. It's called Proposal and is from the Benjamin Moore Affinity line (that I'll get color matched in a non-VOC paint, maybe Mythic again). I'll test out some swatches when the time comes but this is a front runner. 

And once I get my sewing machine fixed, I'm going to of course go crazy with the pillows and curtains, and sheets etc. I love the look of mixing vintage flowery sheeting fabrics and have been collecting those so I have plenty to choose from. I love this felt bird mobile I saw on the Purl Bee blog and would like to make something similar. Maybe Siamese cats instead of birds... hmmm... 

So that's where my day dreaming has been lately! Until we get that garage renovation underway and start clearing out the studio stuff from the soon-to-be nursery, I'm going to have to be patient. Sigh. 

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Anonymous said...

It's lovely. I have looked many times over the years for a nice looking glider in either a contemporary style or a Craftsman style of a mid-century modern style with no luck. As you noticed, they are all hideous, nursery-oriented pieces of furniture. It's too bad, because that glider motion is incredibly comfortable while reading.