Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 17- Still drywalling...

The dry wall guys filled in the rest of the holes today, and I found out that dry wall is essentially compressed flour. Drywall dust is all up in our business now, and we can see exactly where the cats have been (i.e. everywhere) with their drywall dusted paws. It's like the Family Circus comics where that busy bod kid with the backpack leaves hash marks to show his path of destruction. THANK GOD I got a Dyson vacuum for Mom's day last year. That sucker is working overtime. You know who isn't working overtime? Our construction crew.
: /

So the drywall pieces are up and everything gets taped and mudded tomorrow, which guess what? Means cabinets aren't being installed until next week. I KNEW IT! I wonder if contractors tell you in the bid stage that a project is going to take 2 weeks so you're like "That's not bad at all! Let's do this!" while they're quietly laughing to themselves and saying under their breath "...and up to 14 weeks".

I'm no drywalling expert or anything (I still firmly believe it's made from compressed flour), but should this gap be this big? Are they going to fill that sucker in, or just tape over it? Oh I forgot to mention! We're scrapping the sconces on this wall. I KNOW! My awesome homemade gold tipped bulb sconces! There were a couple reasons for saying buh-bye to them. 1) We didn't have room for a double toggle switch on the wall next to the dining room entrance so they were going to have to be wired on the same toggle as the kitchen pendants. I wanted them to be separate but didn't want another single toggle light switch on the hallway wall just for them. 2) I don't think we need them. The new kitchen pendants will give off plenty of light for this room (especially with the warm LED bulbs I'm putting in them), so the sconces on with the pendants on would be a little much. and 3) Now we can put more art up on this wall and not be restricted to a specific dimension within the sconces. Fingers crossed when the construction bill comes, we'll still have an art budget left! Maybe someone will trade us something awesome for our Friendly Yeti. Jeff wants to get rid of him. :(

The window looks a little wonky and off center now, but when the pantry is installed on the right, things should balance out.

So much for dinner parties starting tomorrow! I realize now that was overly ambitious. Y'all are just going to have to wait on the invites.

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