Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 37- The cork saga continues

Tyr and Thor have been banished to the bedroom for the past two days during Don's work hours because of the super glue adhesive spread all over the floors for the cork, so they night they make up for it and test out all the kitchen surfaces suitable for napping.

The cork is looking awesome. I love how it looks and feels, and goes with the other finishes. Don says he's having a love/hate relationship with this cork, and it's a little bit of a struggle. He also loves the look, that it's eco-friendly and all that jazz, but putting it down is a little bit of a bitch. They're pretty thin (3/8") and when you put the adhesive on them (you roll it on the back of the tile and on the floor, let both dry for 15-20 minutes to get hella tacky, and then put it down) the edges turn up ever so slightly. So when it's down on the floor, the seams kind of come up a tad. Don has a special little tool that rolls over the seams and pushes them down, but it's time consuming. He thinks that as we walk on the floor too, that will just press them down even more and over time it will become seamless. I don't mind how it looks now, the seams are barely noticeable, but he's a perfectionist so it's taking longer than we thought.

But the floors in the kitchen are done, and he's working on the hallway, bathroom, and laundry room today because the plumbers are coming tomorrow morning to install all the appliances, toilet, and faucets! Hallelujah.  

And yesterday Don finished up the last section of tile and all the grout! I really love that black grout.

You can catch some glimpses of the brass outlet plates and pendant lamps that were installed, but I'll take better pictures of them today in the daylight, and once the range hood installation is done. The window casings are also supposed to go up today so more finishing touches getting us closer to the end!

The painters come on Monday to do everything, but Jeff and I may have to paint the laundry room and bathroom ourselves tonight while they're empty. I don't think Jeff knows about that yet. At least they're small rooms...


ET said...

Great to see you getting closer to the finish line, Liv. And it looks great and sure you will be thrilled with how it will look. Bring all the pictures on your iPad so we can see them in PR next week.

girl misunderstood said...

I would love to find out how your floors are holding up, I'm considering using the same cork from Build Direct. Did you do another coat of poly on the floors after they were installed? Great blog!