Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just carved another $333 off the budget...

I found new kitchen sconces!! I love the simplicity of them, and it doesn't hurt that they are crazy cheap. $12.50 each!! Plus the cost of spray paint. Before you think I'm crazy, let's see some pictures:

As I was pondering (obsessively) my sconce options from the last post, I remembered I pinned a picture from The Brick House blog of an easy DIY for these utilitarian sconces that they did for a hair salon (which btw is the most gorgeous salon to ever exist). The porcelain sockets come in white, but spray painted black they look pretty great. I want these gold capped globe bulbs to go with them: 

I ended up ordering these sockets below from Amazon, for only $5 each! I like the brass pull chain on them (we'll have them wired to a light switch so we don't have to pull them on constantly, it's more like jewelry for my sconces), and that price is pretty amazing.

And if I end up hating them (never), it will be $25 lost. Not too shabby. After I had decided on these, it was perfect timing to receive a Valentine's Day card from my MIL Sue, who knows me SO well. She usually gifts us a dinner out on Valentine's Day, but knowing we had this reno coming up, she gifted us one sconce of our choosing instead! She also really liked the Cedar & Moss Alto sconces (my previous top runner), so it was like getting a coupon for 50% off from them. Pretty tempting, but the fact that I'm sticking with these despite the generous gift clues you in to how much I really like these too. And saving $333 is icing on the cake. So you owe us $12.50 Sue. THANK YOU!! :)  

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