Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 35- It's a-grout time.

I got that terrible pun from Ruben.

Don was such a super star today! He finished tiling the backsplash on the sink wall, grouted the tile on the range wall, arranged for the dry wallers to come over to fix the doorway they thought was going to have casings (which was our contractor's job but that would mean waiting until like Friday to have them come), and ground down the subfloor to prep it for cork tomorrow! 

That tile makes me giddy. I love it so much.

And the black grout looks great! I kind of thought it'd be a higher contrast, and more noticeable, but I actually think it's kind of subtle. Not as graphic as I had in my mind but I love it.

Here's the doorway they had to bump out a bit (our original cabinets weren't the modern-day standard depth of 24" so the counters stuck out past the doorway) and now it's smooth and matches the other doorway in the hall leading to the sewing room/playroom/office. I'm so glad we caught them in time and stopped them from putting casings on this doorway. It wouldn't have matched the other one and would have looked strange. Don is going to tile that little section of the wall tomorrow too so it wraps around.

And the floors look all gnarly like that because they are now perfectly smooth, level and ready to accept some cork!

So cork tomorrow in the kitchen, then toe kicks and baseboards and appliances in the kitchen, and cork in the rest of the reno space on Thursday I think? Then if dreams do come true, the plumber will hook up the bathroom, faucets and laundry machines on Friday and paint will go up! How's that for ambitious? If we can get appliances installed this week though, I will be over the moon.

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