Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 14- No drywall!

The drywall got pushed back to tomorrow. *sad face* I was hoping to come home to some new walls, but instead I got a higher window and a bathroom subfloor. Not bad, I'll take it. The plumber had to come back today to fix the gas line pipe for the new range, one of the inspector's requests, so that got checked off the list too. I'm really happy the floor is closed up now (Tyr took a couple brazen expeditions into the crawl space under the house even with all my cat barricades) but now we have some holes in the wall with direct access to the outside. It's all getting patched up tomorrow (tomorrow is drywall day! Promise! Well, maybe.) so baby steps forward.

Another cat barricade:

Stucco repair, pendant light boxes for the kitchen, and day 1 of drywall tomorrow! Cabinets install slated for Thursday, so probably Monday. : /

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