Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 26- Cabinets!

The cabinet boxes were installed yesterday! And the butcher block halfway cut and placed! And my sink put in!

I love that sink so much, even the cabinet guy said it was the perfect sink. Ikea is batshit crazy for discontinuing it. At least I think they did. It's still not in stock in any Ikeas and there are rumors they had problems with the manufacturer so they just cut it from their line. Who knows. I'm so thankful that we bought the kitchen early though and I snagged one of the last ones!

The cabinet boxes all come in white or "birch effect" but they have black finishing panels that will cover the exposed white on the outside, and the cabinet doors all completely cover the white in the front so when these are finished, you won't see any white until you open the cabinet and see the inside.

I'm not sure why the old faucet is still there, hopefully they can pull that out tomorrow. The beveled subway tile will go over that area because our new faucet will be mounted in the sink. The window box ledge will be the butcher block too. Can't wait to see that in against the tile.

The tall cabinet on the left will be our pantry. It has 5 pull out drawers, plenty of space for our dry goods. The cabinet above the fridge will hold our new microwave. We have a pretty range hood for over the stove so the microwave needed to be a countertop model. We didn't want to ugly up our gorgeous new wood countertops with a big microwave though, so this was the only other place to locate it. It'll be a little awkward having it over the fridge, Jeff can reach it easily but I'll have to use a step stool. No biggie.

That right section of the counters still needs to be cut, that little section coming off will make a nice cutting board though!

And our cute little buffet! The slab of butcher block was ripped already into two pieces but needs to be trimmed on the end. One of those pieces will go over the sink on the window ledge, and the extra chunks cut off will become cute little cheese serving boards.

I spent Friday night and Saturday morning opening the 87 packages to assemble all the cabinet drawers. I think Robert the cabinet guy will put these in tomorrow before the doors go on.

So cabinets and counters and hardware tomorrow, then tile and flooring start on Tuesday!

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Jamie @ said...

Yay, it's starting to look like a real kitchen! How exciting!