Thursday, May 22, 2014

ONE MONTH. But we got tile!

Today was an exciting day, coming home to finished cabinets and one wall of tile!

I am so tickled pink about my gold hardware! It looks so good against the black cabinets and the butcher block keeps it from looking too fancy. Cause y'all know we ain't fancy folk.

The three slabs of butcher block were the perfect amount, and I'm so glad we used the rest of the slab from the buffet on the window ledge above the sink. The tile will go on this wall too, also up 18" wrapping around on the right to the doorway and up to the fridge on the left.

The buffet is going to hold our serving dishes, and dinner party goodies. It'll de-clutter the dining room... or give me more room to buy more stuff! Don't tell Jeff.

By the way, we're obviously having toe kicks so you don't see those ugly plastic legs. The cork will run up to the legs and then the toe kicks will run down onto it.

Look how pretty our beveled subway tile is!! We used white Schluter trim (really thin metal that wraps the edge of the tile) and I'm happy we did that instead of the 2x6" bullnose surface trim tile. It just seems sharper this way. And cheaper! I'm so frugal. Black grout comes next week and it's going to bring it all together. I can't wait to see that with the black range hood and shiny white range installed!

Such texture! Don did an amazing job, and my inner Rainman is so happy the middle section is exactly five tiles wide. 177 tiles total, 177.

I came home on the later side today so the lighting wasn't great, but I'll post some more later with pictures of the cabinet insides. Our custom cabinet installer was super impressed with the quality of the Ikea cabinets and hardware, and said Lynne and I (and 5% Jodi) did an awesome job building them. YEAH!

Flooring early next week (after the holiday dang it, the only time I've ever been annoyed at a Monday holiday!) and then appliance install right after so we can have a functioning kitchen and laundry room while they finish up the last bits. Can't wait to see that cork down!


ET said...

Congratulations, Liv. Looks FANTASTIC. If--and that is a BIG if (and probably we won't, given what we know about the pain of doing these projects)--we were to remodel our kitchen, YOU would definitely be our expert consultant, as you have done a great job on this project. Perhaps a more likely scenario than we doing such a project, is that you can help Jan when the time comes when he wants to upgrade some things.

Jamie @ said...

Oh my goodness, it really came together and it looks amazing! Can't wait to see it with the floors!