Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 16- DRYWALL!

Walls people! We got walls!

With drywall up we can see the real size of the new laundry closet, which is just big enough for the new machines. I'm sad we lost the shelves for this laundry closet but it was the only configuration that would work easily. Luckily we have great storage in this house so adding more was an easy thing to scrap from the plans. Plus look at all this wall real estate for art!

They obviously have some more pieces to put up tomorrow, and I think they're planning to mud tomorrow too, but I've learned not to hold my breath. I'm not even going to say that I was told cabinets will go in on Friday because I don't believe it for a damn second.

It was fun getting to stand in the new bathroom finally, now that there's a floor, and with the walls up it's a lot easier to see what we're working with. It's so little! But totally necessary, and to code so it's not uncomfortably small. Says the 5'4" girl.

We're flip-flopping on the chalkboard walls a little now though, thinking it might be too dusty for the small space, but our contractor says we have a powerful fan in there to suck up the dust so he doesn't think it'll be an issue. We want to go with dark walls regardless, so if the chalk bothers us, we'll just erase the walls and hide the chalk.

Tyr is all up in the construction business. Thor could take it or leave it I think, but both keep leaving dusty little paw prints everywhere. I'm so tempted to hire a cleaning service to come in and do the house top to bottom when this is all over. I was kind of hoping this would be done by Mother's Day so I could trick Jeff into doing it instead while Elsa and I go out for mani/pedis, but I don't think it's happening. Unless HGTV busts in and finishes everything in 48 hours like they do on their shows. How the hell do they do that btw?? Is nothing inspected or given time to dry??

Anyways... stucco repair! They matched it so well with the existing stucco, we won't even need to paint it! Just kidding, it's a little off. It's going to be a bitch to color match, but we'll see what those fancy machines at Home Depot can do.

I was a little worried about how this was going to look with one window being out of line from the other windows on the side of the house, but there are bigger issues in the world to concern myself with.

I really want to plant a bunch of beautiful garden rose bushes under these windows, for a cutting garden so I can have fresh roses in the house constantly, and for another thorny layer to our security system. I would die for peach Juliet or Campanella garden roses, and now need to hunt them down. Not exactly ones you can pick up at Home Depot. Mixed in with some white spray rose bushes and I'll never have to go to the flower mart again! Well, except to pick up my billy balls...

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