Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 25

The drywall is finally done, textured and primed. The guys were here early this morning painting, pulling up the rest of the laminate in the back room, and cleaning the spaces up. It feels a lot better in there now, and in the backyard where most of the crap pile went into Bagster #2. I wish they scheduled the pick up for it today to get it off our driveway, but the crane will be here on Monday to haul it away.

Tomorrow the cabinet guy will be here at noon and will work late hanging the cabinets and hopefully cutting and installing the butcher block countertops. Jeff and I will build the cabinet drawers on Sunday, and maybe even install the doors! We'll see. Then lovely Don arrives bright and early Monday morning to start the tile and flooring and the end will be in sight.

I seriously cannot wait. I barely had the patience to wait until April to start this thing, but a month of construction without a kitchen and laundry room, with a two year old!? It's been rough. Mostly on Jeff since he's here with Elsa during the day dealing with it, but coming home from a full day of work and a sucky commute due to never-ending 405 construction traffic to a torn apart and dusty house is no picnic. Plus our Dyson vacuum broke, we had a main line sewer clog, and it was in the hundred's all this week. Awesommmmmmeeee... It's still stupid hot, but the vacuum was under warranty and fixed in 15 minutes at the surprisingly great repair shop, and our regular plumbers fixed the clog less expensively than we were dreading, so I'm not yet ready to take a hot bath and open up a few veins. Check in on me again next week though.

I wonder what that grid on the subfloor is all about. They had carpet in here when we moved in, but maybe it was tile before that?

Still no doors or door frames yet...

Hopefully toilet and vanity install next Wednesday?

Once the cabinets are in, things will be looking a heck of a lot better in here. Let's hope for some good pictures on Sunday...

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Levi Eslinger said...

Just be patient, Liv! With a few more upgrades, you'll be able to see yourself in a somewhat serviceable house, once the important things are installed. While the clogged up sewer wasn't helping, at least it happened when things are in this state already, which meant a little less disruption. Anyway, good luck!

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing & Heating