Thursday, June 6, 2013

Black Thunder

We got new wheels! Specifically a pimped out 2010 Honda CR-V EX-L SUV, Esq that I've just named Black Thunder. She's pretty amazing. We decided with Elsa's second birthday coming up next month, it was time she had her own car. I have the Mazda, Jeff has the Prius, so Elsa gets this one. 

Psych! Elsa driving is ridiculous. She's constantly texting and would be a very dangerous driver. The CR-V is actually replacing Dirty Snowflake, our once beloved Prius. Dirty Snowflake's lease was up this month however, and we weren't willing to commit to purchasing her so we started looking elsewhere. Since the Mazda is on the smaller side, we wanted something more mid-range in size, you know, because Elsa has three strollers and all. Plus we drive up to San Jose a lot and it was comical how stuffed the Mazda was last time. The CR-V was kind of meant for us. It looks like a normal car, not all jacked up or long or wide, yet it feels really spacious inside. This baby has room to spare!

Check out all that trunk space! That divider obviously can fold up and the seats have like 13 configurations so IKEA trips will be no probelmo in this puppy.

I haven't even gotten to the best part of the car story yet. WE WON IT! Well kind of. We still had to pay for it, but it was like 7-9 THOUSAND dollars cheaper than what I'm seeing exact matches to this car sell for at some local dealerships. So how did we get such a rad deal? My bro Jan works at Honduh!! This car was in one of their "In-fleet internal sales drawings" where associates (Jan) can put an application in to buy the discounted car and then a drawing happens where everyone crosses their fingers and one winning application is drawn. We don't know how many people threw in for this car but the only thing that matters is that we won it! We were so happy, because it really is an awesome car. Check out the cockpit!

She's all hooked up with Bluetooth, a navigation system and DVD player, a USB port (not really sure what we're supposed to do with that... maybe our iPhones can drive the car?), seat warmers and a nice little sound system. It's the nicest car we've ever owned, and think we might even keep her until Miss Elsa gets her learner's permit.

 Thanks for the hook-up Jan!!!


Nikki Menda said...

Score!!!!! Nice!! :). Yay for good brothers!!!

Jan Trondsen said...

SO stoked you guys are happy so far! I think it makes more sense then the Prius, obviously I'm biased. But I'm also right. Haha.