Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fantastic Paint Jobs by Fantastic Dads

Jeff got a shout out on Apartment Therapy today for the Bird print hanging in Elsa's room! Jodi sent me the link for it which I would have totally missed because I don't follow AT on my reader anymore since they post like 87 posts a day and it overwhelms me. Too bad because they have great content too! OBV.

Jeff just started selling a smaller size of this print in his store, a limited edition of 50 for only $35 each! The prints are a really great quality too (much better than this blurry jpeg of the painting I pulled off his website!), and on lovely thick paper. Available in his store!

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Jamie @ jforjamie.com said...

Just ordered us a print! Chris and I have been arguing over what to hang in our living room and this was the ONLY thing we could agree on. It's perfect and we're so pleased we know the artist personally - definitely makes us feel cool. Can't wait to hang it up!