Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden updates!

It's so gorgeous and summery out right now that a garden update post seems appropriate. We wanted to re-plant our back raised bed with something and decided to plant the whole thing with 6 varieties of chili peppers! We've got habaneros, jalapeƱos, Caribbean reds, two varieties of cayenne peppers, and some asian chili peppers going on right now. It is one spicy box.

I always have better luck growing plants from seeds to seedlings in this mini soil pots than straight in the ground, so we did that and then two weeks later plopped them into the bed. 

All except our Caribbean Reds are going strong. We'll see if we can coax them back to life. I hope so because I can't for the life of me find the seed packets ANYWHERE! I think Elsa threw them away.

We ran out of room in the back bed for our 18 seedlings, so the three jalapeƱos got moved to the beds by Linus, joining our four lemon cucumber plants. Can't wait for those suckers to get going.

And speaking of Linus... look how healthy he is! We picked all of his ripe lemons but new green ones are in there. He's so much bushier now, and his branches are starting to grow up and not just out. I'm hoping he gets taller though. No offense Bradford and Donnie- we love you as neighbors but a tall tree would look really nice here.

For comparison, this was Linus from a few months ago:

 And this was Linus when he was a baby!

Our bougainvillea is also looking much better and is even flowering!

For comparison, this is how he was looking right before my dad came to visit and helped straighten him out:

Much better. Our potted succulents are also thriving and propagating (when Elsa isn't pulling them up).

 Trying to escape into the alley. Not a good idea without shoes, Baby.

Speaking of thriving succulents, our Christmas gift from two years ago from Mandy and Seth is looking amazing! It was touch and go for it for awhile because it was unhappy indoors and the cats kept eating it, but after we moved it to the dining table outside, it totally thrived. I love all the variations in colors and textures. Makes me happy.

Our front yard is looking pretty great too, and the neighbors just tidied up our rose bushes and put down pretty rocks around them because they have to look at them too and we didn't have time to do much with them. Maybe if you're lucky I'll do a follow-up post with pictures of the front. We'll see.

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