Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rabun Gap!

We're going to Georgia! Specifically Rabun Gap, Georgia. SAY WHAT!? Straight up country. We're going to visit one of my besties, Brooke, and her boyfriend David who lives there now and B will be moving there in the next week and change.

We booked our flights today and I wanted to see how far away it was from Atlanta and this was the Google map that popped up:

Green means Forest in Google maps. That's all forest. And all the streets are named Wolf Fork Rd. Brooke is moving from a town called Pottersville in New Jersey, where her street name is also Pottersville Rd. Yeah. So at least she's used to small towns. David says that Wolfforks are the local name for their blood sucking mosquitos that they have. I'm going to bathe in Off! every hour that I'm there.

Look how much cool big city stuff they have around them though! Atlanta is like 2 and half hours away so I'm guessing it's around the same (eyeballing it) to Nashville and Charlotte, which is pretty rad. A lot of good road trips close by! I've been to Huntsville though when I worked for the Parkinson's Institute, and that is not on my list of places to revisit. Sorry Huntsville.

And look at how idyllic her new school is!

It's so scenic and charming. And the name cracks me up. Na-coo-chee-coo-chee-coo! David is already a teacher there and Brooke will be starting up in the fall. I am so thrilled and excited for her, and can't wait to see her all settled in. 

And I'm not sure what this is, but it was on the school's website, and I want to play on it. I bet they can make that happen. 

We're going to go in September but this is a trip that Elsa will not be tagging along on. It's an adult trip. Thank god for parents that want to come down and babysit her for four days!


Brooke said...

LIVIE!!!! You're a blogging maniac!!! So many surprises on the interwebs from you lately. I love it. Get ready for a feature on good 'ole six days. We are SOOOO excited to have you come visit and tear shit up, country style.

Liv said...

I NEED TO BUY SOME COWGIRL BOOTS!! And a gingham shirt that knots above my belly button in preparation of our country adventures. YES!

Disko Baloba said...

If you think 3 Wolffork Roads within a couple square miles is road-labeling madness, there is also Highlands Road, which is only named "Highlands Road" if you are standing in Dillard and thinking about going to Highlands. In Highlands the same road is named "Dillard Road" obviously. Thing is, in Franklin there is obviously a "Dillard Road" as well, but it is a completely different road than the Highlands' "Dillard Road" for clear reasons. Thankfully in Dillard there is only one Franklin Road and one Highlands Road. But the road to Clayton is "441," not "Clayton Road" because that would just be dumb. We also "mash" buttons we don't press them, so mind your P's and Q's!

Liv said...

You just blew my mind. said...

We're glad you are coming to beautiful Rabun County, GA!! You will be about 90 minutes from Atlanta, Greenville and Asheville...all great roadtrips, but you will have plenty to do right here, if you like the outdoors! Check out for what to do and see while you are here!! Enjoy!