Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden updates

I am on a blogging streak!! This ball is rollin'.

Our peppers are progressing... kind of. Only 1 habanero seedling survived in row 1, 2 of the 3 Asian chili peppers made it, one of the tri-color cayennes is going strong, none of the Caribbean Reds are still alive (dang it! Those were so cute too), and two of the Thai chili peppers are snuggling up to our old jalapeno plant. This is where we started so while they look puny up above, they moving in the right direction.

The lemon cucumbers are looking a lot more lush. I counted 7 little ones already and I'm trying to coax them up the trellises. The two jalapeƱos  in the back are doing well too. We're going to have jalapeƱos coming out our butts. Literally. Ew! Geez, Jeff is getting into my head. I apologize.

I just found out by the way that I had the trellises upside down for awhile. The reverse cone makes a lot more sense. Der.

And we can't forget about Jeff's little cayenne pepper plant! This guy is a tri-color too so we're supposed to get yellow, purple, and red ones from the one plant. If he's a showstopper, I'm going to move him to the front yard so neighbors can witness our gardening prowess.

Hope we're still on schedule for our chili competition party at the end of the summer! 

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