Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tiered silk romper. I kind of feel like I could pull this off at a summer wedding. It's silk so it's fancy, and picture it with my hair up, bright red lips, sky high heels, and some fabulous bracelets. It would work right? I'm talking to you Jamie. Specifically about your September wedding. Yes? Hell no?

 Nico Wristlet. As my little handy clutch for the wedding I'd wear the romper to. Or out to an art show where I don't want to hold a clutch, and don't need a mom bag. It fits my cell phone and the essentials. And it's marked down $117!!!

Fairburn necklace. Sooo pretty those sapphire gems. I need some fun jewelry and this would really elevate a lot of my plain shirts.

Grey nubuck sky-high clogs from Swedish Hasbeens:

Navy blue seems more practical though:

They don't have the ones above in my size though so there goes that want. OOH! But lookie what is available in my size!! (37 if anyone wants to buy these for me)

I love me some Swedish Hasbeens. And surprisingly affordable on the SH website! These are $137 with free shipping to the US! Is it November 26th yet?

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