Monday, June 10, 2013

23 months

 Karen and her camera came over yesterday and she documented my *almost* 23 month old baby as she tore around the house with "Hen". I made the mistake of telling Elsa early that morning that Henry was coming over to play, and she kept running to the window and begging to party with Hen. Ever since Shalom's birthday party last weekend, Elsa wants to "pardy" with everyone.

I love these pictures and I'm so happy to have such a talented friend who enjoys snapping them and more importantly, sharing them quickly with us! Maybe I'll hire her for Elsa's 2nd birthday party...

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ET said...

As I said on Instagram, Karen did a fantastic job---again...--with these pictures of Elsa. We are all grateful to you, Karen, for giving us a chance to follow Elsa's growing up even as we are a long way up the coast...Thanks agani.