Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Elsa updates

It's been awhile since I've written about Elsa's milestones and random every day stuff that she does. I'm going to try to list as many as I can think of here:

  • She learned her ABC's several months ago from a vintage ABC book from Jeff's childhood and a set of ABC flash cards. I tried to keep them in order but that lasted about 30 seconds so we always went through them out of order, which apparently is the way to teach them. She knows them all now (well, W is still "duuuh" to her, but we give it to her because it's a tough one) and even knows the letters in lower case and upside down which impressed me. She can spend a good 20 minutes on her own saying the letters of the alphabet magnets Brooke got her as she pulls them off the fridge and puts them in a bowl, and then reverses it putting them back on the fridge. Smart baby!
  • Whenever she drops something (or chucks it across the room) she says "OH NO! IT FELL!" 
  • Whenever she trips and falls she says "I SIPPPED!" (slipped)
  • When planes or helicopters pass by overhead, she waves and says "BYE PANE!"
  • She loves her friends, and asks us about them all the time. Shalom is "SHOAM!", Jude is "JEW!", and Henry is "HEN!". I can't wait for her to meet Eisley and see what she calls her. EYE I'm sure. 
  • Her sweet tooth has popped up, big time. When we cave and give her candy (mini m&m's usually) she grins and gasps and knots her hands together in gleeful anticipation as we shake some out for her. 
  • She loves brushing her teeth and flossing. Seriously. Every time she's in the bathroom she wants to dig through Jeff's drawers to look for his flossing sticks and when she finds them, she grabs one and moves it all over her mouth sucking on it. I think she likes the mint flavor of it because she's a nut for Altoids too. Weird, right?
  • In the morning when we get her up, she's always in a good mood and says "MORN KEEETY!" to Thor who likes to get up with us and follow us into Elsa's room. 
  • She just started to get embarrassed, and cries and covers her eyes with the backs of her hands when Jeff and I laugh at something she did that she did not intend to be funny (like fall off the sofa, while obviously not hurting herself).
  • She gets pissed when we laugh at her dramatic tantrums over something ridiculous. She'll try smacking us or will stick out her bottom lip and take the tantrum up a notch. 
  • She is learning so many words to say, and understands so much more now too. Every day it's something new that surprises me. I talk to her like an adult all the time not expecting her to understand but sometimes she does and it startles the crap out of me! I asked her to get me a pen the other day and didn't even point to where one was and she runs out of the room, and runs back to me with a pen! We tried it again tonight asking her where the Apple TV remotes are (she lost both of them) and she ignored us. So I guess it's selective. 
  • She knows the cats names! She can't tell them apart (no surprise, even I can hardly tell them apart) but when I ask what the kitty's name is, she'll alternate between "SORE" for Thor and "TEEE" for Tyr. It sounds pretty close when she says it. Sometimes she combines them and calls them THEO. 
  • She asks for us a lot. When Jeff leaves the house, she asks periodically "DADDY?" The other day when she was upset and constipated, she asked for me and said "MAAAA!!!"Awesome. I get the poop cries. 
That's all I can think of right now, but I guess it's a list. My little baby, not so little anymore...

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Jamie @ said...

I can't believe how fast she's growing up! (and I can't believe I haven't met her) She's so adorable, what a rare gem that she loves flossing and brushing her teeth!