Monday, August 1, 2011

We'll miss you Grampa!

After doing all of our yard work, cleaning out all of the spiders from our porch, buying and planting a bougainvillea in our backyard, and smothering my baby girl in mustache kisses, my dad left for back home and we will certainly miss him. He was so good about whisking up the baby when she was screaming her head off and bouncing her around calming her down while Jeff and I did shots of vodka. Just kidding.

He took a billion and one pictures with his camera and I just got a few on mine, so here they are:

And one of Elsa and me, because she looks so darn cute in it:

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ET said...

As always, you and Jeff were great hosts and I of course loved being around Elsa. I even enjoyed seeing her testing her lungs and showing how loud she could cry. She is fantastic in all ways. Also happy to help out with a few chores around the house. Look forward to returning before long to see you all again.