Saturday, August 27, 2011


Seth and Godmomma Mandy bought Elsa the cutest and smartest books! I'd never heard of Indestructibles before, but they're pretty genius. They are made of Tyvek but feel like paper and are chew-proof, rip-proof, nontoxic, and 100% washable. Pretty brilliant, right? You can take them anywhere, even bath time! The pictures are so well done and with lots of really saturated and pretty colors. The one that they gave us last night (Frere Jacques) doesn't have any words, so you can make up your own stories to go with the pictures. They also got us Jungle Rumble and this morning I bought Mama and Baby (Karen- you have to see this one!) and Flutter! Fly! because I can already see these books coming very much in handy. Thanks Mandy and Seth!!

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Henry Miller said...

Um, yeah, I'll steal that next time I'm over.