Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy 1 month birthday baby girl!

Elsa turned the big 3-0 (days) today and her gift was a womb chair. What a lucky baby!!

Karen is quickly becoming our family photographer. She came over today and took 7400 pictures of Elsa, who luckily was awake for a good portion of her photo shoot. She likes being in the straight jacket I sewed for her, even though her little frog legs don't fit in the bottom half. We just wrap that part up between her legs and she's snug as a bug. And can I just say... I love my new womb chair. It's so dang comfy. I need to style that corner up a bit because it's having a severe beige moment, but it will fit in perfectly with the living room when I'm done.

She loves Henry! Until he started poking her in her fat belly. She wasn't too thrilled with that.

I'm still scared of her. But love her to pieces. Happy birthday baby!!

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