Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back by popular demand...

Elsa was fussy today and not being able to understand her cry (we're using the Dunstan language method), I ran down the list checking her diaper (clean and dry, for once!), the clock (fed her less than an hour before, and she had napped right before that), her clothes (adorable- and not twisted or too tight), and I tried burping her. She wasn't screaming so I knew it wasn't gas so I was at a loss for what the crap her problem was. Jeff said "She's probably just bored." Maybe so?? We haven't really played with her very much because she's just a newborn! I don't know any newborn games. She has been noticeably more alert and interactive the last two weeks though so I pulled out her little IKEA play gym and parked her under it on a soft blanket. She loved it! For two minutes and then started crying, but still. We can play with toys now! Milestones every day I tell ya.

 P.S. The countdown until baby jeggings is on! She gets to start taking her harness off for 8 glorious hours of bathing and pants wearing a day starting next Wednesday!

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