Monday, August 8, 2011

Babybabybaby, that's all she talks about...

Here are a few recent pics of my baby girl!

She is such a happy camper (most of the time) in her swing. She's kind of little for it so we have to prop her big old noggin up with swaddling blankets so it doesn't flop over to the side when it rocks. She usually goes right to sleep in it and gives me an hour or two to eat, get dressed, and launder her shapoopie diapers in peace.

Speaking of shapoopie diapers, her little g's are so cute! They've leaked twice when she's been on her side nursing (that's an awesome feeling by the way- getting pissed on while you have a little sucker fish stuck to your boob) because she's still really little and her thighs aren't quite chubby enough to make the leg holes watertight. Other than those fun occasions, they're great, and we save around 8 disposables a day by using them. Plus since she can't wear pants with her harness, she needs some style down below.

She had her first bottle today! And it was the first time daddy got to feed her. It's a little early to be giving her a bottle I guess but she's having no problems whatsoever with nursing, and today of course she woke up starving a few minutes after I finished pumping. I don't think she was getting much out of me so we decided to give the bottle a spin. She sucked that thing down like nobody's business. I think she liked it.

Oh, and a hips update! She saw the orthopedist this morning after having a follow-up ultrasound last week, and her hips are shaping up! The harness is doing its job and her hips are growing in the sockets as they should be so we have another 4 weeks of full-time wear and then two months beyond that of partial-day wear before she's done with it for good and all fixed up. Success!

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Jamie said...

SO adorable! Good to know her shapoopie diapers work out!