Friday, August 19, 2011

The new neighbors!

We hit the awesome neighbor jackpot! The neighbors we had to the left of us recently moved out so Jeff and I have been crossing our fingers all week for a nice family to move in, and our prayers were answered! We met them yesterday and guess what?? WE ALREADY KNEW THEM!! We met several years ago at a tiny restaurant in Long Beach where you're pretty much eating dinner and sharing conversations with everyone around you since you're seated so close together. They were hilarious and super friendly and we had a fun dinner with them. We even became Facebook friends with them but never met up again in person until yesterday! We were all dumbfounded and grinning at our small world luck. Bradford and Donnie are married and they have two awesome dogs and are already planning their new landscaping (including the plants on our property that faces their house! Score!). Every year they are known for their Halloween and Christmas decorations too so we're going to have to step up our game this year.

So now we're surrounded on both sides and in front of us with amazing neighbors. Moving to Wrigley was a good decision. :)

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