Friday, August 5, 2011

Our mornings

Elsa hates being put back in her bassinet after her first morning feeding even though she wants to sleep more, so this has become our routine. Two hours of a sweet smelling, warm, delicious baby sleeping on my chest while I savor every second of it.

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ET said...

GREAT picture, Liv. And it brings back great memories of my visit and having Elsa sleep on my chest. I loved it.

Also love the fantastic pictures which Karen took--that I just saw in your e-mails--and hope you can post a few of the best ones, so our family and friends can see them.

Henry Miller said...

The best!

I just sent her better resolution ones Grandpa Eilif, I'm sure she'll forward them to you! Thanks for the praise!

Kayteedids Couture said...

This was one of my most favorite times EVER!!!!! Cherish every second of that little frog-position (that's what we called it), sleeping baby!!!